5 Greatest Left-Hand Scissors For Every DIY Crafting Need

5 Greatest Left-Hand Scissors For Every DIY Crafting Need

Looking for left-hand scissors to use for your DIY crafting needs? Look no further, we’ve got the greatest left-hand scissors for you.

A good pair of scissors is one of the most important crafting tools. Unfortunately, many left-handers find it uncomfortable and awkward to use traditional scissors. Luckily this common crafting problem for left handed people was solved with the manufacturing of proper left-hand scissors.

If you believe that scissors are interchangeable from right to left, just try using your non-dominant hand to cut a basic sheet of paper! Left-hand scissors have inverted blades so that you can see the cutting lines clearly and it also has molded handle grips designed to fit the left hand.

If you are a left-handed person and want to ensure your safety and the quality of your finished crafts it is essential that you use the proper scissors. So go ahead enjoy this short list and check which left-hand scissors would fit your needs. Then, let your left-hand friends and family know so they can get crafting with ease!

1. 5” Left-hand Pointed Tip Scissors for Kids by Fiskars

Kids always love to try new things and crafting is a great way to let their creativity soar. If your child is  left-handed, give him/her these left-hand scissors so you can enjoy crafting together.

2. 8″ Knife Edge Bent Trimmers, Lefthanded by Gingher

If you love sewing, these are your best friend! The versatile longer length cut and blades are perfect for cutting out patterns and trimming seams.

3. 6″ 3D Shape Left-Handed Maped Reflex Scissors by Maped

Perfect for students who spend their extra time crafting! (Back to school is right around the corrner!)

4. 8″ True Left Handed Scissors by Kai

Light weight and comfortable to hold, perfect for cutting straight lines. This could be your sewing partner or your all around craft cutter.

5. 8″ Industrial True Left Hand Bent Trimmers by Mundial

These are durable with long lasting blades for easy resharpening and will always give you a clean cut. These even come with a lifetime guarantee for any problems short of losing them!